This directory contains the downloadable files associated with the ENCODE 
Regulation 'Txn Factor' track.  All data in this track are freely available.

This track is described here:

ENCODE data files are subject to use restrictions for 9 months following data 
submission (  All data in this track
have passed the 9 month restriction period and so are freely available.

The files listed below are provided for download.  See
for format details.

Data files for this release:

* wgEncodeRegTfbsClusteredV3.bed.gz - TFBS clusters (V3) from ENCODE data uniformly processed by the ENCODE Analysis Working Group (BED 5+2 'factorSource' format. Has 2 list fields for cell ids and scores.  See track description at link above for details)
* - Auxiliary table with metadata for the clusters, describing each input experiment
* wgEncodeRegTfbsClusteredWithCellsV3.bed.gz - TFBS clusters together with input cell sources (BED 5+1 format: standard 5 fields of BED followed by comma-separated list of cell types)
* - Auxiliary table showing single-letter abbreviation for each cell type used in input experiments (displayed in browser display)

Data files from the previous release of this track:

* wgEncodeRegTfbsClusteredV2.bed.gz - TFBS clusters (V2) from uniform processing of data from Jan. 2011 data freeze, with minor corrections (BED 15 format)
* - Auxiliary table for V2
* - Auxiliary metadata table for V2
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