This directory contains download files of the Saccharomyces 
cerevisiae genome sequence and associated annotations. The data 
is based on sequence dated 1 Oct. 2003 in the Saccharomyces Genome 
Database ( and was obtained from the site The
S288C strain was used in this sequencing project.

Files included in this directory:

sacCer1.2bit - contains the complete S. cerevisiae/sacCer1 genome sequence
    in the 2bit file format.  While we are providing the .2bit for
    this assembly, we will continue to use the .nib files in
    the Genome Browser.  No masking has been applied to these sequences.
    The utility program, twoBitToFa (available from the kent src tree),
    can be used to extract .fa file(s) from this file.  A pre-compiled version
    of the command line tool can be found at:
    See also: - The working draft sequence in one file per chromosome. 
    (No masking of repetitive sequences.)  

est.fa.gz - Yeast EST sequences deposited into GenBank. - Yeast mRNA from GenBank. - Multiple alignments done with Webb Miller's
   multiz program on seven species of Saccharomyces in .maf format.

For a description of the multiple alignment format (MAF), see

sacCer1.chrom.sizes - Two-column tab-separated text file containing assembly
    sequence names and sizes.

If you plan to download a large file or multiple files from this 
directory, we recommend that you use ftp rather than downloading the 
files via our website. To do so, ftp to, then 
go to the directory goldenPath/sacCer1/bigZips. To download multiple 
files, use the "mget" command:

    mget <filename1> <filename2> ...
    - or -
    mget -a (to download all the files in the directory) 
All the tables in this directory are freely available for public use.
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Parent Directory - 2004-01-14 11:06 3.6M est.fa.gz 2019-10-17 21:11 6.2M est.fa.gz.md5 2019-10-17 21:11 44 mrna.fa.gz 2019-10-17 21:07 111K mrna.fa.gz.md5 2019-10-17 21:07 45 2004-01-14 11:06 22M sacCer1.2bit 2005-12-15 15:56 2.9M sacCer1.2bit.md5 2014-05-07 15:24 47 sacCer1.chrom.sizes 2003-12-03 19:26 214 sacCer1.fa.gz 2020-01-23 02:26 3.6M xenoRefMrna.fa.gz 2019-10-17 21:12 331M xenoRefMrna.fa.gz.md5 2019-10-17 21:12 52