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This directory contains data generated by the Myers Lab/HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and by the Snyder, Gerstein and Weissman labs/Yale University; Farnham lab/UC Davis; and Struhl lab/Harvard as part of the ENCODE project.

Further information is available in the ENCODE Yale TFBS and HAIB TFBS track descriptions.

This directory contains the subset of the Transcription Factor ChIP-seq tracks used in the ENCODE Integrated Regulation Tracks

Data is RESTRICTED FROM USE in publication until the restriction date noted for the given data file.

There are two files within this directory that contain information about the downloads:
  • files.txt which is a tab-separated file with the name and metadata for each download.
  • md5sum.txt which is a list of the md5sum output for each download.

      FileSizeSubmitted  Details
      2010-10-22wgEncodeRegTfbsClustered.bed.gz  34M  2010-08-08  dataType=cluster; subId=2095; grant=Kent; lab=Kent; type=factorSource; tableName=wgEncodeRegTfbsClustered
      2010-10-22wgEncodeRegTfbsCells.tab.gz  344  2010-08-08  dataType=cluster; subId=2095; grant=Kent; lab=Kent; type=tab; tableName=wgEncodeRegTfbsCells
      2010-10-22wgEncodeRegTfbsClusteredInputs.tab.gz  1.2K  2010-08-08  dataType=cluster; subId=2095; grant=Kent; lab=Kent; type=tab; tableName=wgEncodeRegTfbsClusteredInputs

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