The Anopheles gambiae v. MOZ2 draft genome sequence (Feb. 2003) was produced by the International Anopheles Genome Project and downloaded from Ensembl.

Sample position queries

A genome position can be specified by the accession number of an mRNA or EST, a chromosomal range, an Ensembl transcript ID, or keywords from the GenBank description of an mRNA. The following list provides examples of valid position queries for the Anopheles genome. Note that some position queries (e.g. "huntington") may return matches to the mRNA records of other species. In these cases, the mRNAs are mapped to their homologs in Anopheles. See the User's Guide for more information.

   Genome Browser Response:

chr2L Displays all of chromosome 2L
chrX:1-200000 Displays first two hundred thousand bases of chromosome X

ENSANGT00000020705.2 Displays the region of genome with Ensembl identifier ENSANGT00000020705.2. NOTE: Due to space constraints, the Genome Browser displays abridged Ensembl identifiers, but the full ID name must be used in searches. For example, the ENSANGT00000020705.2 identifier displays as ENSANG20705.2 in the Genome Browser.

AY122244 Displays region containing A. gambiae mRNA with GenBank accession number AY122244
deoxyribonucleoside kinase Lists dNK mRNAs
huntington Lists mRNAs associated with Huntington's disease
Celniker,S. Lists mRNAs deposited by co-author S. Celniker

Use this last format for author queries. Although GenBank requires the search format Celniker S, internally it uses the format Celniker,S..

Assembly details

The MOZ2 assembly is a 10x whole genome shotgun assembly. The assembled portion of the genome is about 278 Mbp in length with a total of 8,987 unique scaffolds, the largest scaffold being 23.1 Mbp. Approximately 85% of the sequence has been assigned to chromosomal locations. Chromosome arms chr2L, chr2R, chr3L, chr3R, and chrX are represented by 13, 49, 42, 28, and 10 large scaffolds respectively. No scaffolds have yet been assigned to the Y chromosome. The unassigned scaffolds, concatenated together in arbitrary order, can be found in the artificial unknown "chromosome" chrUn.

For more information on the initial A. gambaie assembly, see Holt et al. The Genome Sequence of the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae. Science 2002 298:129-149. PMID: 12364791

Downloads of the anoGam1 data and annotations may be obtained from the UCSC Genome Browser FTP server or Downloads page. The anoGam1 annotation tracks were generated by UCSC and collaborators worldwide. Thanks to the International Anopheles Genome Project and Ensembl for providing the sequence of this genome. See the Credits page for a detailed list of the organizations and individuals who contributed to the success of this release.

GenBank Pipeline Details

For the purposes of the GenBank alignment pipeline, this assembly is considered to be: well-ordered.